BTS Love Yourself World Tour Tickets

The K-pop supergroup has taken North America by storm. They are the first Korean group to perform at the American Music Awards and first Korean band to hit number 1 on the Billboard Artist 100 charts. The North American leg of their tour has been a smash success selling out stadiums in Los Angeles, Oakland, Fort Worth, Hamilton, Newark, Chicago, and Queens.  BTS Tickets are avaialble here.


BTS rise to mainstream started in Japan with their 2015 Open Your Eyes tour. During the tour, they released their third EP, titled “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” which featured the lead single “I Need U.” In 2016 they released their second studio album “Youth” which became a number one seller in Japan. They returned to Korea in 2016 where they held a two-day concert in Seoul.  In 2017 they embarked on 40 show tour which included shows in Asia, North America, and South America. The North American segment of their tour sold out within minutes. The tour received many positive reviews from music critics which helped to pave the way for their “Love Yourself” trilogy EPs.

Love Yourself Trilogy

BTS dropped their first “Love Yourself” album in September 2017 titled “Love Yourself: Her.” The album produced their hit song “DNA.” “Her” was followed up by the second album in the trilogy “Love Yourself: Tear” with the title track “Fake Love.” The last of the trilogy “Answer” featured the hit track “Idol” and premiered at number one in both the United States and Canada.

Social Media Success

The band’s presence on social media has also contributed heavily to their success in the United States. Due to the language difference, BTS did not get exposure on TV or radio. K-Pop culture was forced to spread online through various communities and social media channels. Korean stars embraced social media which helped to created the K-Pop subculture among the English speaking United States and Canada youth.

Mandatory Military Service

BTS’s worldwide success has recently sparked debates in South Korea in regards to their possible upcoming mandatory military service.  When the soccer team in South Korea received redemption from serving after their success at the World Cup, fans of BTS have started to demand the same. Proponents of BTS point to their own success in spreading Korean culture around the globe. Is BTS better performing lipsynced renditions of their songs while executing choreographed dances than soldiering? Who’s to say. Will BTS manage to stave off military service? That remains to be seen.  With military service looming over the groups future, fans should get BTS tickets before it’s too late.